The main purpose of the Library is to serve its members by providing literary, reference, and supporting materials for entertainment and knowledge enhancement.

In order to facilitate ease of access the Library is located centrally in the Club, employs a dedicated librarian, is open seven days a week till 9:00 PM, and is fully computerized.

Home to nearly 15000 books comprising fiction, nonfiction, and reference works, a wide range of magazines, and nearly 1000 DVDs, the Library aims to cater to the diverse interests of all age groups including children. Special efforts are made to acquire the latest books and DVDs, from time to time, keeping in mind the demand of members. All members are apprised of such acquisitions through the monthly issue of “Flair”.

With a view to ensuring the optimal functioning of the Library, including equitable access to books and DVDs, members are requested to observe its rules and regulations which are now also available on this website.

Library Rules

The primary function of the Club library is to serve its members by providing library, reference and supporting materials for their entertainment and enhancement of knowledge.

The rules and regulations governing the operations of the library are for the effective, dissemination of and access to, library materials in an orderly and timely manner to its member. Observance of these rules and regulations is so essential for the smooth & efficient functioning of the library depends in large part on the co-operation of its patrons.


1. Timings
Monday to Friday – 11.00 a.m to 9.00 p.m
Saturday & Sunday – 10.00 a.m to 9.00 p.m.

2. Eligibility
Only members and their dependents are allowed to draw books from the library.

3. Library Staff
a) The Library will be in the charge of such staff as the committee may decide from time to time. b) Members are requested to show due consideration to the librarian. c) The librarian has no power to relax the library rules. d) If any member has any suggestion/complaint he/she is requested to submit it in writing to the librarian for transmission to the library sub-committee

4. Number of books allowed
a) Maximum 8 books (including 2 reference books) are allowed to be drawn by members and their dependents, collectively, at any one time. b) In addition, maximum 2 DVDs may be drawn by members and their dependents, collectively, at any one time.

5. New Books
a) Books will classified as “NEW” till they have been in library for 2 months, thereafter they will be classified as old books. b) New books will be kept on separate shelves for 2 months. c) A list of new books, which are to be put into circulation, will be posted on the library notice board.

6. Reservation
A member may reserve a book or DVD at any time by sending a written request to the librarian giving the name and the author of the book or by writing it in a register kept in the library for this purpose.

7. Books not transferable
Passing of books to other members is not permitted and a book issued in the name of a member will be his/her responsibility.

8. Books are not permitted to be taken out of station.

9. Loan periods and renewals
a) Library books are available for loan for a period of 14 days from the date of issue.
b) The same can be renewed for another period of 14 days in case the same have not already been reserved by another member.
c) In case of reference books and DVDs the loan period shall be 3 days only, and the same may be renewed for another 3 days, in case the same have not already been reserved by another member.

10. Return of Books
a) Members are requested to return the books during library hours within the loan period stated above.
b) Members wishing to return the books when the library is not open may place the books in the books drop box provided for the purpose in the reception. Books from this box will be removed by the librarian each day. A member availing himself of this facility will be responsible for his books and the librarian can accept no responsibility for them.
c) Books left for return either with the receptionist or with any of the club staff will be entirely at the member’s risk.

11. Reminders
The librarian will normally issue reminders for all books which are over due from members within 15 days, but non-receipt of a reminder by a member shall not absolve him/her from returning a book by the due date nor will it relieve him/her of the responsibility of fines.

12. Books Damaged
A member returning a book in a damaged condition will be liable to be charged the expenditure incurred for restoring the book to its proper condition or the replacement cost of the book.

13. Loss Of Book
a) If a member reports the loss of a book on or before the due date, he/she shall be liable for the cost of replacement of the book as certified by the librarian, or if the book is not locally available, such compensation for the loss as the library sub-committee may decide.
b) If the loss is reported later the member shall be liable for the fines as well as the replacement cost.

14. Overdue penalties/fines
a) Members shall be charged Rs.1/- per day of delay in return of old books and Rs.5/-per day of delay for reference books/DVDs and new books.
b) The librarian shall submit overdue charges reports on a monthly basis to accounts for billing to members concerned.
c) If members do not return reference books /DVDs after 10 days of due date the cost of reference books/DVDs will be debited to their account.

15. Overdue notice
Within 15 days of the book/DVDs becoming overdue, a notice shall be sent to the member requesting return. In case the material is not returned with 60 days of it becoming due, the member shall be charged the replacement cost of the book, overdue charges and binding charges (if applicable). In case material is not received within 60 days of due date, advice is to be sent to accounts for recovery.

16. Lost and found
Personal articles found in the library should be handed to the librarian.

Other Rules

a) Consumption of food, beverages, and the use of tobacco products is not permitted in the Library.

b) Mobile Phones are to be put on silent mode in the Library.

c) Members are requested not to make noise in the Library.

d) New Magazines are not to be taken outside the Library.