Party Rules

Rules For Holding Private Funtions / Conferences in the Club

Only Members are permitted to host personal parties/Conference at the Club, subject to their acceptance to adhere to rules of the Club for parties/conferences . A brief of same is given below for ready reference.

1. Booking of Parties: –

a) Members shall be personally present to book the party. Club photo Identity Card of the member is required at the time of booking the Function/Conference.

b) The members booking the function/conference party should not be on the defaulters list for arrears of payments. In the event the member name is on defaulters list on the day of the party the booking shall stand cancelled.

c) Party shall be booked on a fixed menu.

d) Booking for the lawn is only for the Parties with Food Service from the club & for minimum 50 persons.

e) Minimum advance amount of 50% of estimated cost of the party, which ever is higher, shall be payable towards food and beverage Charges for parties to be held in Front Lawn & Banquet Hall.

f) All payments of party as advance & final payment must be made by cheque only payment through (Cash / Draft / Credit Card not allowed).\

g) No out side Food, Snacks or Beverage will be allowed in the Club.

h) Booking by telephone / letter will not be termed as confirmation. Party order form must be signed by the member for booking and the booking will be confirmed by the club only after payment of advance as at (f) above.

i) Marriage function, religious ceremonies, sales & exhibitions or any commercial activity are prohibited in the Club premises.

j) D.J. & Music is not allowed in Lawns & Mini Hall (Patio) after 10.00 P.M.

k) The Club will not be responsible for any mishappening at the time of party.

2. Venue Charges: –

a) Gardenia : 

   Lunch & High Tea: Rs. 5000/-

   Dinner: Rs. 8000/-

b) Banquet Hall : Rs.4000/-

c) Music System : Rs.1000/-

The charges from a to c are non-refundable in case of cancellation, if the written information is not received before 15 days of party date.

The Service Tax will be charged as applicable (present rate is 5.80%)

3. Bar License: –

a. Separate Bar License is needed in case bar service is required. Bar License fee as laid down by Excise Dept. is to be paid in advance.

b. The Service Tax will be charged as applicable (present rate is 5.80%)

c. No alcholic beverages shall be served without the Bar License.

d. If Bar License is required please inform the club office minimum seven days before the party.

4. Durations of Parties:-

a. Afternoon Parties: – 11.00 AM to 3.00 PM

b. Evening Parties: – 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM

c. Dinner Parties: – 8.00 PM to 11.00 PM

5. Food:-

a) No left over food is allowed to be taken out of the club premises.

b) In case of cancellation 24 hours in advance 50% of the total cost of menu will be charged.

c) In case of cancellation 7 hours in advance 25% of the total cost of menu will be charged.

6. Clearance of Dues: –

(a) Member booking the party will sign all party vouchers immediately on completion. No alteration will be entertained after the signature.

(b) Loss or breakage of crockery, cutlery, glassware’s etc. will be born by the member booking the party.

(c) Loss / Damage to Friends Club property if any will be paid for by the member booking the party.

(d) Members are required to be present during the function and to clear the final bill by cheque immediately after the party is over. The bill of party will be debited in the Member’s individual account.

(e) Following charges will be in addition.